(NEW YORK) --- Business agency PLXSS partners with Pipefy to provide better options for agile project management.

PLXSS is known for its holistic programs, combining tech services with content creation. With the Pipefy partnership, PLXSS will now be able to integrate a more in-depth approach on business process consultation as well as business and marketing architecture.

PLXSS Founder Pat Villaceran said it is important for modern businesses to have a stronghold on back-end processes in business. Without a cohesive process, even for small businesses, important decision-making is affected.

Villaceran's emphasis on agile project management not only empowers the managers who need reliable workforce reporting, but also to the users who use the tool everyday.

With Pipefy, users and business owners will have the ability to get an overview of the entire operation without having to deal with extraneous spreadsheets or multiple tools that serve different purposes.

It's not a monotonous to-do list. Users can create a flow that fits their team.

Pipefy allows its users create a process that will enable them to become more productive. It's not an authoritarian process where there's only one way to do things. With Pipefy, the processes can adapt as the business grows.

Pipefy CEO Alessio Alionço describes the tool's flexibility as the project management equivalent to Wordpress. In Wordpress, you can customize your site in any way you want. That's just how it works with Pipefy.

"We are flexible like Wordpress, but for process management. It’s just download the template needed and start using in minutes," Alionço said.

Business Architecture Enhanced

PLXSS-business-architecture-partnership-with-pipefy(PLXSS specializes in creating business and marketing architecture that provides a strong foundation for businesses to thrive over the years.)

What is business architecture?

According to STA Group, business architecture "bridges the gap between a company’s strategy and its successful execution."

With Pipefy's agile project management, PLXSS can help small businesses, startups and enterprise companies get the different perspectives in the business. Having aggregate information from multiple teams and leaders will create better decision-making.

At PLXSS, we want companies to have a deeper understanding of the macro and micro perspectives on content and processes.
- Pat Villaceran -

Pipefy also has an email automation tool that is used in peer notification as well as in sales. With the automation, the sales manager can be notified as soon as there's a new lead in the roster.

At the same time, it gives team leaders the ability to collaborate. You can create a connection between departments which makes collaboration easier as the business scales up.

Pipefy For 360° Business Solution


Businesses nowadays face the challenge of integrating their teams. Companies' structures no longer follow the same 9-5 workflow. There are those that employ remote staff from all over the world and others that implement a flexi-schedule. With this, PLXSS aims to provide the best solution to connect people with projects.

It has always been important for PLXSS to know the different needs of each business. So, from providing web hosting, design, branding, social and video as well as content marketing, PLXSS offers an all-around business solution to their clients. With Pipefy, PLXSS clients can also adapt the tried and tested software companies like IBM, TedX, VISA, eBay and others use and integrate this with PLXSS' services.

"We wanted to create multiple touch-points for our clients. We understand the challenges in creating a well-rounded business in the digital age."
- Pat Villaceran -

"Pipefy embodies what we stand for and that is proividing the most cohesive solution for busineses. Alionço found a gap in agile project management and learned that nothing fit the demands of growing businesses, so he offered an alternative," Villaceran stated.

Pipefy can be used for BPO companies, I.T., software development, financial and health services, sales and more.

PLXSS' Pipefy consultation is now available worldwide.

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