Come on guys, haven’t we learned it all yet?


We’ve been taught about plagiarism in school, but when the rise of the World Wide Web began, it has become more rampant. It’s so easy to copy and paste an entire text and publish it on your own page.

Hyperlinks were also introduced so instead of doing footnotes, we can easily cite our sources with the words we borrowed from them. Though these are now known steps to fight plagiarism, why does it still exist?

ANSWER: Because people still subscribe to bullish articles and businesses still employ cheap content creation tactics.

Yes, it’s both our faults. If people stop getting slurped into attractive headlines by suspecting sources, these sites would change their strategies. On the other hand, if the “media,” us, the ones who make content online, make quality content that inform, entertain and provide value instead of the ones that will give us more traffic, we can be better role models for the audiences we serve.

However, it’s not always a Utopian world. Other sites earn because of their plagiarized, rehashed content. It would make sense if at some point they’d make it a point to cite their sources, but apparently, that rarely happens.

As a producer of quality content as well, it is also hard to track those who try to copy your content without permission. Although there are tools like RepubHub that allows you to control who can copy your content and how they can copy it, many are still not protected against plagiarism.

Though there will still be rampant plagiarism in 2018, there is great news for those who make quality content.

By 2018, consumers are smarter, more selective and more intricate. They seek value vs the 5-sec. laugh. They look for substance more than the headline. In 2018, the great content creators still win.

At the end of the day, nothing will beat quality. However, there’s no harm in getting inspiration from other’s work. There could be some blogger from India who has an impeccable example about Influencer Marketing. There’s no point in just claiming this is your original experience. You can make the world believe it’s yours but when that blogger sees your post, he or she would know. It will take you two little steps: (1) get the link of the blog & (2) cite the person or the publication.

Taking Advantage of the World’s Best Ideas

The Internet works because of our sharing economy. Even social media works this way. If you found something that you like, you’d recommend it to your network. If the hotel you went to was crappy, you’d share about that experience as well.

But now that we have the ability to not just tell tales, but know who told the tales, too, it’s best to just be diligent writers.

The World Wide Web has millions of published ideas every day. It is impossible that one or two of them would be the same as yours. You can copy and cite the other related two and do your own interpretation.

The interesting thing about us, human beings, is that we’re always unique and different. Joanne and Ted may go to the same coffee shop every day but each of them would have a different experience. Alfie and Jane could both be startup founders, but the lessons they learned in business and in life will be different. But, the differences of our experience doesn’t mean we don’t share similarities.

In writing, it’s the same. Whenever we writing something new, there are parallel ideas out there. If you do ample research, there will be experts and amateurs sharing their ideas on Bitcoin.

Don’t let the millions of published, similar ideas stop you from creating. Plagiarism is the act of disrespectfully copying someone’s ideas and writing without proper citation.


And, that’s how you can eliminate plagiarism in 2018.

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