The eSports industry has amassed a staggering $700 million net in just last year. This means that it's one of the biggest digital sporting industries out there and most marketing agencies and businesses are missing out.

According to VentureBeat, the global community has over 385 million active users.. This includes women, millennials as well as the majority of the Z Gen.

Though the platform has a huge consumer base, only $280 million was spent on eSports advertising in 2018. This is small compared to the ads spent on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media platforms.

Though some may think this is a niche vertical, eSports participants and audiences represent a big chunk of the e-Commerce buyers nowadays. The fact that they're extremely active on the web makes it easier to target them as ell. Though it sounds like the perfect opportunity for any B2C brand, eSports advertising has to be approached carefully.

Marketing for eSports Audiences

eSprts-is-one-of-the-early-adopters-of-digital-marketing--PLXSS-eSports is one of the early adopters of the digital move. (Image via iStock)

Since eSports consumers are highly active on the web, this becomes the "perfect storm" that comes in as a good opportunity for businesses to take advantage of.

eSports fans spend roughly around 8.2 hours a week gaming and about 2.4 hours participating in the community. They also spend about 20 hours on other social media networks for consumption of content and other uses.

Esports marketers don’t need to figure out how to adapt to a changing market because they already have access to all advertising channels in that market. This allows them to focus on delivering the right ads to the right people, rather than figuring out how to deliver the ads in the first place, saving precious time and energy.

Since we're talking about millennials and Generation Z, there's a higher chance they can simply opt to shut down ads if this won't serve them right.

The best way to approach marketing to eSports audiences is to know how they are behaving across devices. By doing a deep data analysis on how these users utilize social media, marketers will have a better understanding on the best way to reach them via ads and the right content that gives them value.

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